Enjoy Lake Erie Ice Fishing

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Lake Erie must be one of the most favorite fishing spots in the United States. The fishing activities cannot only be found during summer because many people also want to experience lake erie ice fishing during colder months. People must be well-prepared when they want to go ice fishing on Lake Erie after all. Ice fishing can really be a fun activity but people must not forget that keeping their safety while ice fishing must be their top priority.

Fish to Catch

Fishing during summer can give a great experience for many anglers especially when they want to encounter aggressive fish. However, ice fishing in colder moths also has a specific challenge. They have to deal with cold weather and of course, the characteristics of the fish in cold temperatures will be different as well. Nevertheless, when people go ice fishing on Lake Erie, they will find the same fish to catch as they can catch during summer. They can catch walleye, perch, and crappie. Do not forget that the fish will be less aggressive in cold temperature. It means that the tackle they use must be lighter.

Fishing in Group

Ice fishing is challenging because of the risk. It will be very dangerous for angler ice fishing alone. That is why it is better to join a group for ice fishing. At least, they need to bring a partner for ice fishing. Or else, they can choose the area that has several other people present for the same activities. It is also important to give information to other people anytime they want to go and return.

Choose the Right Fishing Area

Calculating risk is extremely important for lake erie ice fishing. You cannot enjoy ice fishing on Lake Erie to the fullest if you are not well prepared and completely aware of the risk. The biggest risk must be drowning in the cold water. That is the very first important thing to pay attention to before ice fishing on Lake Erie is to choose the right area for ice fishing.

People have to choose the area that is covered with ice that has at least four inches of thickness. Ice this thick will be able to support not only the angler but also the gear. It is better to avoid some areas including the springs, docks, bridge pilings, feeder streams, and dam structure because the ice is very thin in those areas.


People have to pay extra attention not only to their safety but also to other anglers’ safety. It can be started from a simple thing such as sprinkling sand around their feet so they will get better traction when walking on the ice. It is important to prevent hypothermia by wearing the right outfits for ice fishing.

Of course, they also need to wear a flotation suit or life jacket since they will walk around on the ice often. The risk of falling through the ice is still there so people have to remain calm when they fall in the water. They need to know the technique for keeping them safe when falling in the water and help others who fall in the water. It is crucial for lake erie ice fishing.