Matthews’ Bowfishing Bows: Unveiling the Perfect Gear for Anglers

Does Matthews Make a Bowfishing Bow?

When it comes to bowfishing, having the right equipment can make all the difference in your success on the water. One question that often arises among archery enthusiasts is whether Matthews, one of the leading manufacturers of compound bows, produces a specific bow for bowfishing purposes. In this blog post, we will explore whether Matthews offers a dedicated bowfishing bow and discuss alternative options for avid anglers looking to engage in this exhilarating sport.

An Overview of Matthews

Matthews Archery is widely recognized as an industry leader in producing high-quality compound bows for various disciplines such as target shooting and hunting. With their dedication to innovation and precision engineering, Matthews has garnered a loyal following among archers around the world.

The Search for a Dedicated Bowfishing Bow

While Matthews excels at crafting exceptional bows for hunting and target shooting, they do not currently manufacture a dedicated bow specifically designed for bowfishing. This means you won’t find a model explicitly named or marketed as “Matthews Bowfishing Bow.”

Bow Modifications for Bowfishing

If you are an avid fan of both archery and fishing, fear not! Although there isn’t an off-the-shelf solution from Matthews, there are ways to modify existing compound bows to suit your needs on the water.

Retrofitting Your Compound Bow

To turn your regular compound bow into a suitable tool for successful bowfishing adventures, several modifications are necessary:

  • Bow Reel System: Install a specialized reel system onto your riser or stabilizer mount that allows you to effectively retrieve fishing arrows after each shot.
  • Bowfishing Rest: Swap out your standard arrow rest with a specialized bowfishing rest that securely holds the arrow and prevents it from falling off during the shooting process.
  • Fishing Arrow and Tip: Equipping your bow with specially designed fishing arrows and tips ensures optimal performance when targeting fish underwater.
  • Bow Lights: Attach appropriate lighting systems to your bow, which aid visibility in low-light conditions or murky waters.

Note that while these modifications can transform your compound bow into a functional tool for bowfishing, they may void any warranties provided by Matthews. It’s essential to consult with an experienced archery technician or professional before making any alterations to ensure safety and preserve warranty coverage if applicable.

Alternative Options for Bowfishing Bows

If you prefer purchasing a dedicated bow specifically designed for bowfishing rather than retrofitting, there are several reputable brands that offer excellent options. Some popular choices include AMS Bowfishing, Cajun Archery, PSE Archery, and Bear Archery. These manufacturers have developed bows explicitly tailored to meet the demands of this exciting sport.

The Benefits of Dedicated Bowfishing Bows

Dedicated bowfishing bows often come equipped with built-in features optimized for fishing expeditions. These may include specialized reels integrated into their designs, anti-corrosion coatings on components exposed to water contact, high-visibility sights or lights suitable for dimly lit environments, as well as other unique functionalities tailored specifically towards enhancing performance while targeting fish underwater.

Selecting the Right Bow for Your Needs

When choosing a dedicated bowfishing setup from alternative brands like AMS BowFishing or Cajun Archery, it’s essential to consider factors such as draw weight, adjustable draw lengths, and the compatibility of accessories. Consulting with experienced bowfishermen or reaching out to reputable retailers specializing in bowfishing equipment can provide valuable insights into selecting a bow that best suits your specific needs.


Although Matthews Archery does not offer an off-the-shelf bowfishing bow, there are various ways to modify existing compound bows for this exciting recreational activity. Retrofitting your current Matthews compound bow enables you to enjoy the thrill of both archery and fishing simultaneously. However, if you prefer a dedicated setup tailored explicitly for bowfishing purposes, alternative brands like AMS BowFishing or Cajun Archery offer excellent options designed specifically with anglers in mind. Whichever path you choose, always prioritize safety and consult professionals to ensure optimal performance on your future bowfishing adventures!