Does a Full Moon Affect Bass Fishing?

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As bass anglers, we’re always on the lookout for factors that can influence fish behavior and improve our chances of success on the water. One such factor that has long been debated is the effect of the moon on bass fishing, particularly during a full moon. In this blog post, we’ll explore the science behind the lunar influence on bass behavior and discuss whether a full moon can impact your fishing success.

The Lunar Influence on Bass Behavior

The moon plays a significant role in influencing the natural world, including the behavior of fish. The gravitational pull of the moon affects tides and currents, which in turn can impact the availability of food and the movements of bass. Additionally, the amount of moonlight during various lunar phases can influence the feeding habits of bass.

How Does a Full Moon Affect Bass Fishing?

  1. Increased Nighttime Feeding: During a full moon, the increased amount of natural light penetrating the water can lead to increased nighttime feeding activity among bass. This is because the additional light makes it easier for bass to locate prey, leading to more successful hunts. Consequently, daytime fishing during a full moon may be less productive, as bass may have fed more heavily during the night.
  2. Enhanced Reproductive Behavior: A full moon can also trigger spawning behavior in bass, particularly during the spring months. The increased light during the full moon can lead to warmer water temperatures, stimulating the release of hormones that trigger spawning. This can make bass more aggressive and territorial, potentially increasing your chances of eliciting a reaction strike.
  3. Effect on Forage Species: The behavior of forage species, such as shad and other baitfish, can also be influenced by the full moon. These smaller fish may become more active at night during a full moon, leading to increased predation by bass. Anglers should take this into consideration when selecting lures and choosing locations to target bass during a full moon.

Tips for Fishing During a Full Moon

  1. Adjust Your Fishing Times: Since bass may feed more actively at night during a full moon, consider fishing during the early morning or late evening hours when bass may be more likely to be actively feeding.
  2. Focus on Shallow Areas: Bass may move to shallow areas to spawn or chase baitfish during a full moon. Target shallow flats, points, and other structure near spawning areas or baitfish concentrations.
  3. Use Darker Lures: The increased visibility during a full moon means bass may be more selective in their prey choices. Try using darker-colored lures to create a more distinct silhouette, making it easier for bass to locate and strike your bait.


While the full moon can impact bass behavior and feeding habits, the effects can be both positive and negative for anglers. By understanding the lunar influence on bass and adapting your strategies accordingly, you can improve your chances of success on the water during a full moon. So, the next time you’re planning a bass fishing trip, pay attention to the lunar calendar and be prepared to adjust your tactics to take advantage of the full moon’s effects on your finned quarry.