Unlocking Fishing License Benefits for Veterans in Colorado: Are They Eligible for Free Permits?

Do Veterans Get a Free Fishing License in Colorado?


As an expression of gratitude and appreciation for their service, many states offer various benefits to veterans. Among the perks frequently extended is the provision of free or heavily discounted fishing licenses. In this blog post, we will explore whether veterans in Colorado are eligible for a complimentary fishing license.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW)

In Colorado, the organization responsible for managing state parks and wildlife is known as the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). CPW oversees licensing requirements for recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, boating, and more.

Fishing License Options in Colorado

Standard Fishing Licenses

In normal circumstances, individuals who wish to fish in Colorado’s beautiful waters are required to obtain a valid fishing license from CPW. These licenses come with fees that contribute towards conservation efforts and maintaining sustainable fish populations throughout the state.

Veterans Special Fishing License Program

To honor veterans’ contributions to our country while also promoting outdoor recreation opportunities, CPW offers a special program that provides eligible veterans with free fishing licenses.

Eligibility Criteria

Honorable Discharge Status

To qualify for a free fishing license under CPW’s veteran program guidelines, an individual must have received an honorable discharge from any branch of military service. This requirement ensures that those who have served their country dutifully receive due recognition.

Colorado Residency Requirement

An additional criterion stipulates that only veterans who are current residents of Colorado can take advantage of this opportunity. Proof of residency may be requested during application processes; acceptable forms often include driver’s licenses, utility bills, or voter registration cards.

Application Process

Gather the Required Documents

Prior to initiating the application process for a free fishing license, veterans should gather their honorable discharge documentation as well as proof of Colorado residency. Having these documents at hand will facilitate a smooth and efficient application process.

Contact CPW

Veterans can reach out to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife organization via phone or visit their website’s designated veteran program section for guidance on obtaining a complimentary fishing license. The CPW staff will provide detailed instructions and answer any questions regarding eligibility requirements and necessary paperwork.

Submitting an Application

The application form itself is typically available online through CPW’s website. Veterans may be required to complete this form by providing personal information along with supporting documentation such as discharge papers and proof of residency.


In conclusion, eligible veterans residing in Colorado have the opportunity to obtain a free fishing license through the special program offered by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife organization. By recognizing veterans’ contributions while encouraging outdoor activities, CPW ensures that those who served are duly rewarded with access to enjoyable recreational opportunities without additional financial burden.