Exploring Mississippi Fishing Laws: Do Kids Need a Fishing License?

Do Kids Need a Fishing License in Mississippi?

The Basics of Fishing Licenses in Mississippi

When it comes to fishing regulations, understanding the rules can sometimes be a bit confusing. If you’re planning on taking your kids out for a fun day of fishing in Mississippi, one question that may come to mind is whether or not children need a fishing license. Let’s dive into this topic and provide some clarity.

Fishing Licenses: General Rules

In Mississippi, anyone aged 16 years or older is generally required to have a valid fishing license to fish recreationally. However, there are specific exemptions and rules for young anglers.

Exemptions for Children

Ages 15 and Under: No License Required

Good news! In Mississippi, children aged 15 and under are exempt from needing a fishing license. This means that they can freely enjoy the joys of angling without any worry about obtaining official permission.

Ages 16-18: Special Considerations

For teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18, things get slightly more nuanced. While these individuals do fall within the general age range requiring licenses for recreational fishing purposes, there are still certain exceptions worth noting.

Youth Fishing Events & State Park Exemptions

Youth Fishing Events

Mississippi hosts numerous youth fishing events throughout the year with support from organizations such as state agencies like the Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks (MDWFP), local educational institutions, community clubs, and non-profit organizations focused on promoting outdoor activities among youngsters. During these special events, participants usually don’t require individual licenses as long as they meet event-specific criteria outlined by organizers.

Key Points About Youth Fishing Events:

– Typically held in designated areas such as ponds, lakes, or rivers
– Supervised by experienced individuals with knowledge of fishing regulations
– Many events provide loaner equipment for participants to use during the event

State Parks

Mississippi state parks offer excellent opportunities for families to bond over fishing. Children aged 16 and 17 can fish without a license if they are within a Mississippi State Park that permits fishing and are accompanied by an adult possessing a valid fishing license.

Important Notes:

– Ensure you familiarize yourself with specific rules and regulations of the state park before heading out.
– Confirm that the particular park allows fishing and any additional requirements, if any.


In summary, children aged 15 years or younger can enjoy recreational fishing in Mississippi without needing an individual fishing license. For youth between ages 16 to 18, exemptions exist during designated youth fishing events organized throughout the year. Additionally, within Mississippi State Parks that permit angling activities, teenagers aged 16 and 17 can fish sans license when supervised by an adult holding a valid permit. Always stay informed about local regulations to ensure compliance while enjoying memorable family outings on the water!