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8 Different Types Of Carp Fish Every Carp Anglers Should Know

Have you ever realized that every fish have different types and species? Maybe one day you look at your net that is filled with your catches and finds that some fishes are different than the other, especially carp fish. For new anglers, it will be difficult to distinguish one species and the subspecies. But actually, it is not that hard. Here is some information regarding the types of carp fish […]

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What Is a Fly Fishing Streamer?

When people are talking about fly fishing, there must be some factors that will affect the success of fly fishing. It can be about the skill and the skill can be improved by experience. Nevertheless, there will also be other things that will influence the success of fly fishing. Using the right tools is essential although some anglers might prefer certain tools for their fishing. Some anglers choose to set […]

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What is Fly Fishing? Where to Fly Fishing?

What is fly fishing? Fly Fishing is one of the fishing techniques that are currently widely used by anglers in various parts of the world. This technique is an ancient fishing technique and is still used today. Fly fishing is a fishing technique using bait that is placed on the surface of the water so it looks like a fly or insect. The bait used is usually using artificial bait […]

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