Unlocking the Excitement: Bowfishing with Mathews Genesis Made Easy!

Can I Bowfish in the Mathews Genesis?


The Mathews Genesis is a popular bow often used by archery enthusiasts and beginners. It offers a great combination of performance, affordability, and beginner-friendly features. One question that frequently arises among Mathews Genesis owners is whether they can use this bow for bowfishing. In this blog post, we will explore the possibility of using the Mathews Genesis for bowfishing.

Bowfishing Basics

Before diving into whether you can use the Mathews Genesis for bowfishing, let’s briefly cover what bowfishing entails. Bowfishing is an exciting sport where participants shoot fish with specialized bows while standing on boats or near water bodies such as lakes and rivers. Unlike traditional archery where arrows are shot at targets from a distance, bowfishers aim to hit fish swimming underwater to catch them.

The Adaptability of the Mathews Genesis

The Design

The design of the Mathews Genesis makes it less suitable for traditional bowfishing due to its specific characteristics. The lightweight construction and lack of let-off make it challenging to shoot accurately at moving targets underwater.

Potential Modifications

However, with some modifications and additional equipment, you may still be able to utilize your Mathews Genesis for occasional bouts of recreational bowfishing. Consider these potential modifications:

  1. Add an AMS Retriever Pro Reel: Mounting an AMS Retriever Pro Reel onto your Matthews Genesis will allow you to retrieve your line conveniently after shooting at fish.
  2. Select Suitable Arrows: Opt for fiberglass arrows with specialized fishing points rather than regular target arrows. This type of arrow is designed for bowfishing, ensuring better penetration and easier retrieval.
  3. Attach a Fishing Reel Seat: By attaching a fishing reel seat to your bow, you can securely mount the AMS Retriever Pro Reel or other compatible fishing reels.

The Limitations of the Mathews Genesis

Lack of Specific Bowfishing Features

While modifications can enhance the functionality of your Mathews Genesis for bowfishing, it’s important to note that this model lacks specific features found in dedicated bowfishing bows. These specialized bows usually have longer draw lengths and higher draw weights necessary for shooting accurately underwater.

Grip Sensitivity

An additional limitation to consider is that the grip sensitivity on the Mathews Genesis may pose challenges during extended periods of bowfishing. The more sensitive grip design might become uncomfortable when repeatedly drawing back on a fish without releasing an arrow immediately.

Bowfish Responsibly and Legally

Check Local Regulations

Prioritize responsible and legal bowfishing practices by ensuring you comply with local regulations governing this sport. Check if there are any restrictions regarding equipment specifications or restricted areas where bowfishing is not permitted.

Hunt Ethically

Bowfish ethically by targeting invasive species or those allowed within regulated seasons. Avoid harming protected or endangered fish populations while enjoying your time on the water with your modified Mathews Genesis.

In Conclusion

The Mathews Genesis, although primarily designed as an entry-level archery bow, can be adapted for recreational use in limited instances of bowfishing with suitable modifications. However, due to its inherent limitations compared to dedicated bowfishing bows, it may not offer the same level of accuracy or performance. As with any outdoor activity, ensure you adhere to local regulations and practice ethical bowfishing techniques. Happy shooting!