Best Saltwater Lures for Pier Fishing

With the best saltwater lures for pier fishing, you can catch your favorite saltwater fishes with ease even if you don’t have much fishing skill and experience. Pier fishing is an exciting way to fish saltwater fishes when boating is not possible or preferable. When you prefer staying beached when fishing saltwater fishes or when the bad weather forces the boats to stay in port, the best lures for pier fishing will be a great help.

Although various factors, including fish species, fishing location, and season, determine which lures are considered the best for pier fishing, the following lures are generally great for saltwater fishing at piers.

Thick-Bodied Casting Spoons

When you do pier fishing, you don’t have to deal with area restrictions. You can throw your lures as far as you want and you can cover as much fishing area as possible. A lure that can cover a wide fishing area is thus a preferable choice for such a fishing scenario.

This is the reason why a thick-bodied casting spoon is great for pier fishing. This lure is known for its maneuverability and ability to cover an expansive fishing area in varying depths. If you want a lure that moves swiftly, a thick-bodied casting spoon is definitely one of your best saltwater lures for pier fishing.

Jigging Spoons

When you think about how much fishing area to cover, don’t merely think horizontally. You also need to think vertically because you have plenty of space to conquer from the sea surface to the seabed. When it comes to vertical exploration, no lure beats a jigging spoon.

Alternating between casting spoons and jigging spoons is thus a good strategy to take control of your entire virtually limitless fishing area and to catch as many fishes as you want. The combination of the two spoons makes up the best saltwater lures for pier fishing.

Popping Plugs

You indeed have much space to cover from sea surface to seabed; however, because you are fishing from a pier, the beach area is generally not as deep as the vertical area that you can cover from a boat.

Because you are fishing in a shallower spot, you need to think about how to deal with obstructions, including underwater grass, tree stumps, other lines, and garbage.

A popping plug is one of the best saltwater lures for pier fishing to deal with these obstructions. The plug stays on the sea surface while attracting potential predators that swim around the surface.

Shallow-Diving Plugs

As an alternative for popping plugs, shallow-diving plugs are among your best saltwater lures for pier fishing. With a popping plug, you have no problem covering the surface area; however, if you also want to catch fishes that swim in deeper depths, you need a diver.

This plug is a good choice because it dives at a relatively shallow depth so that it can still attract deeper predators without getting snagged by deep-water obstructions. Use this shallow-swimming plug in combination with other lures mentioned above to deal with different pier fishing scenarios.