Uncover Unmissable Free Fishing Days in Pennsylvania: Your Guide to Catching Exciting Opportunities!

Are there free fishing days in Pennsylvania?


Fishing is a fantastic outdoor activity that allows you to connect with nature, relax, and catch some fish. However, the costs associated with fishing gear and licenses can sometimes be a barrier for enthusiasts. That’s where free fishing days come in handy! In this blog post, we’ll explore if there are any designated free fishing days in Pennsylvania.

What are Free Fishing Days?

Free fishing days are specific dates when individuals can engage in recreational fishing without having to purchase a state fishing license. During these periods, anyone who wishes to try their hand at angling or experienced anglers looking for an affordable day of fun can cast their lines freely.

Free Fishing Days in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC)

The governing body responsible for managing and regulating fisheries within the state of Pennsylvania is the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC). This organization ensures sustainable management practices while also promoting public access to recreational activities like fishing.

Traditional Free Fishing Days

In recent years, Pennsylvania has designated two traditional free fishing days per year. These special events allow both residents and non-residents alike to enjoy a day of fish-filled excitement without purchasing a license or permit. Anglers may participate on these specific days by following all other applicable regulations such as size limits and creel limits.

• Memorial Day Weekend: The first traditional free fishing day generally falls during Memorial Day weekend – often observed on either Saturday or Sunday.
• Independence Day: The second traditional free-fishing day typically takes place near Independence Day, offering another opportunity for people to experience the joy of angling at no cost.

It’s important to note that although these selected dates provide exemption from needing a license on those particular occasions, all other fishing regulations must still be followed.

Additional Opportunities

Beyond the traditional free fishing days, PFBC has expanded opportunities for anglers to enjoy cost-free fishing. The organization designates specific waters across Pennsylvania as “Stocked Trout Waters Open to Year-Round Fishing.” These areas allow anglers to fish for trout without a license any time of year. However, it is essential to confirm which waters fall under this category since not all stocked trout waters are open year-round.

Moreover, children under the age of 16 can fish without a license throughout the entire year in Pennsylvania’s public waterways.


If you’ve been hesitant about trying out fishing due to licensing costs or just want an affordable day of angling fun with friends and family, Pennsylvania offers various opportunities for free fishing. With designated traditional free fishing days and additional exemptions like stocked trout waters and licenses waived for children under 16 years old, there’s no excuse not to grab your gear and head out on the water! Enjoy the peacefulness that comes with casting a line while creating lasting memories amidst picturesque landscapes in beautiful Pennsylvania.