A Guide to Pond Fishing for Bass

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Tips for Catching Largemouth Bass in Ponds

Many fishermen got their start fishing for bass in ponds. Though living in rural areas where farm ponds dot the landscape is not as common as it once was, there are still ponds close to most fishermen and most of these ponds will have large enough populations of bass for fishing. Golf courses, housing developments, and other locations often have ponds that are seldom fished. Once you have found some nearby ponds and acquired permission to fish there here are some tips to catch largemouth bass in ponds.

Pond Habitat

The best ponds for bass fishing have mixed vegetation on the banks, at least 6 feet or so of depth, and are at least an acre in size. But many ponds that are very small or are otherwise unimpressive looking can hold a surprising number of bass. When arriving at a new pond, quickly scan the water and look for structure that might hold fish. Areas where a creek or other small stream comes into the pond, trees or other submerged structure, and shaded areas are all good places to fish. A steep bank coming into a pond probably indicates a steep bank under the water as well. A well defined creek bed going in and out of the pond will probably indicate where a creek bed under the water is located and an area that may hold fish.

Lures and Baits

As far as lures, the artificial worm is a great for pond fishing. It can be rigged Texas style to be cast into weeds or bounced along the bottom. An artificial worm can also be used weightless and fished as a topwater lure. Topwater lures that replicate frogs are also often useful as frogs are a common food source for bass in ponds. Minnow lures, spinnerbaits, and more will all produce bass as well. Many ponds, both in rural and suburban areas, see little fishing pressure and in these waters virtually any reasonable lure will produce a strike. For this reason ponds are a great place to experiment with new lures and fishing techniques. Casting a nightcrawler is the classic way to fish ponds and they will often out produce anything else.