4 Types of Fishing Rigs for Bass

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Fishing rigs for bass are adapted to the other rigs. Some are made of soft plastic and artificial fishing items. If you want to fish bass fish, you may use the right fishing rig. Every fishing rig has its different functions. The list of fishing rigs for bass setup is just some but those are effective for fishing the bass.

Carolina Rigs

The first fishing rig type is Carolina Rigs. It is a sliding sinker rig made specifically to be a famous fishing rig bass with weed hook and soft plastic worms. It is working with egg ballast up 3 to 4 ounces. The lighter sinker helps you to cross the weed and grass.

For the heavier weight, you can change the egg sinker with a slide fish finder. It is a tube with a hole and an attachment spot for a heavier sinker and heavier weight. To make a sinker or fish finder is not trapped in the swivel, you can put plastic accessories in the mainline between the sinker and swivel.

The benefit of this Carolina Rigs for bass enables the fish to take the bait without a detection.

Texas Rig

This Rig becomes the most popular fishing rigs for bass. It is the best way to catch the fish with a soft plastic worm covered with weed. This rig requires the special weight in a cone shape and a worm bait designed to trap worms and fish so that the bait spot is not opened.

It enables you to work double with weed or cover to get the fishes. You need to move the load of the cone shape through the mainline facing to the line tip. You can add a worm to the bait. Then, if it has set properly, you can start fishing bass and the other fishes.

Drop Shot Rig

The next type of fishing rigs for bass is Drop Shot Rig. It is also to be a popular fishing rig for bass because it enables you to present a soft plastic bait on the bottom part until the bass is declined properly on the bottom part. However, it is also a good fishing rig for some fish species. It consists of the load and baits bonded to hang on equally to the bottom part.

A Palomar knot is the best way to use the setting of fishing bass. The knot needs to face up and helps to trap fishes during fishing.

The Ned Rig

The fishing rig for bass becomes the best fishing rig type used for months in fall and winter time when the large amount is weak. The small bait will be the best producer in this condition because bass won’t catch your big bait with many moves. You must be quieter to get more bass fishes.

Before you use it, it needs to learn the ways of setting soft plastic bait and jig head. The things to do are following easy three steps to learn about preparing the fishing rigs for bass in difficult conditions.