10 Tips to Catch More Largemouth Bass

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Tips and Advice to Catch More Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass is the most sought after fish in North America. Their large size and good fighting ability coupled with an ability to live in a wide variety of water types makes this fish so popular. From large rivers to farm ponds and everywhere in between the largemouth bass almost certainly swims in a body of water near you. Here are 10 tips to catch more largemouth bass.

Preparation is one key to catching more bass that many fisherman and women overlook. Have that pole ready to go and your tackle in order to catch more largemouth bass.

Fish whenever you can. Not only will having a lure in the water more often increase your chances of catching largemouth bass it will also give you more information and knowledge to use in future fishing expeditions.

Use lures and baits that you have confidence in. If you don’t have faith that your lure or bait is going to work you are unlikely to fish hard. You’ve got to be fishing to catch largemouth bass.

In somewhat of a conflict with the above, use new lures and baits. The more tools that you know how to use the more largemouth bass you will catch.

Find a buddy to fish with. A buddy gives you someone to talk to when you are bored, allows for two different lures to be used at once to see what is working, and provides you another source of information to catch more largemouth bass.

Learn and understand what conditions call for you to use what color and what lure. Remember however that largemouth bass aren’t aware of the rules. If the rules don’t work don’t be too scared to break them.

Use bait. While some only want to use artificial lures, I only want to catch fish. Night crawlers and other bait will often catch largemouth bass when nothing else will work.

Fish structure to catch more largemouth bass. Logs, tributaries, docks, shade, rocks, just about anything can create a fish attraction. Hit these areas hard and you’ll be amazed at what you will catch.

Be aware of what you are doing. While largemouth bass aren’t as spooky as other fish, trashing the water and letting your shadow fall on the water near them isn’t a good idea.